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2017: A Moon Launch

Welcome to the moon, a brand spanking new arts magazine from the heart of Scotland.


The Quick Guide to Queer Theory

"Gender, sex and sexuality are more complex than those bathroom signs make out." Elisa Walker takes us through the history of Queer Theory and what it means today.


The Painted Doors of Aberdeen

The Moon investigates a colourful secret on The Green in Aberdeen...


Scots: FAQ

Do you know your dinny from your dinna? We asked a Scots linguistics expert from the University of Edinburgh to talk us through the language of Rabbie Burns as it's spoken today.


Popartglory: The Jasmine Minks

Andrew McDiarmid interviews the band's guitarist Wattie Duncan for their latest release, Ten Thousand Tears, in support of Motor Neurone Disease charity, MND Scotland.


Featured Artist: Izzy Thomson

Thomson's artwork combines wild nature and modern life to create a uniquely beautiful and relevant aesthetic. You can view her paintings at an upcoming show from the 19th June in Aberdeen's Phoenix Community Centre.


Featured Illustrator: Ed Clews

Surreal and satirical, Ed Clews' designs are a feast for the eyes. Check them out in our inaugural illustrator feature!


The Sky in their Eyes

Did you ever get to the bottom of that childhood question "Why is the sky blue"? We asked a physicist, and he told us a story...


Medea: from Classroom to Stage

Claire McPhillimy from TwentySomething Theatre reveals the process of taking a performance from idea to reality.


Did We Miss the Point With Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' 
'White Privilege II'?

The 2016 song tackles some weighty issues, but Chris Fevre wonders if the media focused too much on the Twitter war that followed its release...


It (Just) Takes Two to Tango

Isabelle Gribomont investigates a new way to tango, right here in Scotland, without all the outdated sexist baggage.


Devil Take the Hindmost: Teaser Extract

Martin Cathcart Froden's new novel sees a Glaswegian farm boy mixed up in 1920s London crime circles, and velodrome cycling. Dark, fast-paced, and prize-winning: what more could you want?


Legally Blonde: Guilty Pleasure, or Feminist Endeavour?

Karunika Kardak indulges in some armchair activism with a classic chick flick.


Silent Music: The Renaissance of Vinyl

Andrew McDiarmid explores the newest re-occuring trend in music: vinyl.


Fantastic Symbols & How to Use Them

Explore the weird and wonderful history of lunaries, and try life according to your Medieval Horoscope - what could go wrong?


Where Exactly is Hogwarts?

Karen Brown gets to the bottom of a very Scottish question that every Potter fan has secretly pondered.


Short Stories Everyone Should Read

Fiona Dakin lists her favourite short story collections for a combination of quick reading and literary clout.