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The Moon is ready and waiting to go into print, with free magazines to be available in locations such as cafés, waiting rooms and museums across Scotland (particularly outside the central belt). We intend to produce one issue every two months, starting in 2018.

With our public distribution spots, each magazine is intended to be read by multiple readers over the course of its two-month shelf life, giving you excellent value for money.


Half-price for issues 2 & 3: 1500 copies

Back cover: £100

Full page: £75

Half page: £50

Quarter page or banner: £37.50


Full price for issue 4 and beyond: 2000 copies

Back cover: £200  

Full page: £150  

Half page: £100

Quarter page or banner: £75  


We think you'll find our rates very reasonable: we're a volunteer-run non-profit group just looking to cover our own production costs, so you're unlikely to find better value elsewhere. We'll even throw in a taster advert in our first issue for free (if you ask nicely). And if your organisation has charity status, we'll even give you 25% off our full-price rates.

Take a look at our rates, and get in touch with our editor-in-chief, Fiona Dakin, at